Trout in the News

This section contains information about threats to trout fishing in Wisconsin and other parts of the country.
Fish Health Advisory: Disease in Wild Fish
The Division of Animal Health warns that wild fish should not be used to stocked ponds .
Wis. Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, Division of Animal Health, August 2002

Global Warming Threatens Cold-Water Fish
As temperatures rise, salmon and trout are likely to disappear from streams across the United States -- unless global warming pollution is reduced.
Natural Resources Defense Council, May 21, 2002

Study reveals more game fish species at risk from new parasite
Laboratory studies show that some of Wisconsin's most popular game fish and a favorite bait fish are susceptible to infection with Heterosporis
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, March 26, 2002

Heterosporis (Yellow Perch Parasite) in Wisconsin Fish
While it has not been detected in Rainbow Trout yet, the heterosporis parasite represents a threat to Wisconsin trout fishing.
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, April 26, 2002
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